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Finding highly skilled IT Professionals is a challenge faced by a wide range of industry sectors. 3W gives clients the strategic advantage of gaining access to skilled IT professionals in the shortest time possible with minimum risk.

What we do

3W IT Consulting and Contracting Pty Ltd (3W) focuses on providing IT Consulting & Contracting services to corporate, local, state and commonwealth government departments.

3W is an IT professional talent resource finder who matches client needs with the right IT Professional. The 3W strategic advantages for client projects gained from using the 3W model are:

  • Protecting IT project profits and providing cost savings.
  • Sharing project resourcing risks (offering time & material contractors with a guarantee included).
  • Delivering qualified and quality “hard to get skills”.

 3W’s IT Resourcing Model is designed to overcome 3 main IT project delivery challenges:

  • Identification and acquisition of the right technical and business skill needed to deliver the IT project (Skills)
  • Working within (or below) project resource budgets. By minimizing or eliminating blow out costs such as resource creep (Risks)
  • Managing resource performance and delivery (People).

3W’s highly skilled consulting team is part of the Resourcing Model. This team managed by 3W has a range of technical and functional skills and can be deployed in capital or regional cities at sensible rates (hourly, daily, weekly), for short or long term projects. (No on-going HR/IR management issues).

A highly mature end to end methodology supports 3W’s solution. This includes a dedicated global offshore recruitment office to access experienced candidates (if not available locally). DIAC has approved 3W to on-hire IT Professionals under the 457 Temporary Work Visa.

3W’s model has successfully provided teams for projects resulting in cost savings. This is accomplished through the following customized solutions:

  • fixed rates regardless of initial contract duration
  • access to the same IT Professional resources regardless of project scope
  • ability to return resources to 3W if project circumstances change


These are all backed up by the 3W Performance Guarantee, designed to minimize risk and costs for the client.


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